Ask the devs #1 – How to draw a pixel

Ask the devs Draw Me A Pixel

Hello everyone!

This is the first article of a series called “Ask the devs”. In these articles, we will broadcast the questions asked to the Draw Me A Pixel team on the official Discord server, as well as the answers. Most of the answers are from Pascal Cammisotto, the “Creator”.

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Did you work on a recipe for Crunchy Crunchy Cereal?                                                                         No, but as soon as Kellogg’s contacts me, I’m on it.

Was it difficult to make the beat of the song and the lyrics?                                                                    It was complicated for several reasons. First of all, I had to write the lyrics directly in English to be sure of the rhymes and meaning. And I’m not bilingual at all! Second, I needed a track as funky as in Parappa the Rapper. But it had to be composed in ‘kit’ so that it could adapt to the dynamic events while playing. To save time, I had to compose the music myself. It required a lot of adjustments. And Guillaume had to make sure that the music and the different events were in sync with the rhythm. It was quite challenging!

What does DMAP mean?                                                                                                                             Find the right answer before I delete your savegame file:                                                                           – Damn My Ant Perished                                                                                                                                     – Don’t Mock A Polygon                                                                                                                                     – Dad Mom And Psychoanalysis                                                                                                                       – Draw Me A Pixel

Did the story get changed during development because of the failed Crowdfunding campaign?  Yes, the story has changed slightly. The notion of a failed kickstarter was not intended. (no kidding?) So I included it for fun and probably to exorcise this failure. ^^

How did you get the rights to use Sherlock and Holmes?                                                              Sherlock Holmes is in the public domain. But beware, from what I understand, some of his adventures are still copyrighted. As far as our non-game is concerned, there shouldn’t be a problem because we are clearly in a “parodic” treatment.

Can someone tell me how to draw a pixel?                                                                                                  1) Open PAINT 2) Click anywhere once 3) Save your file and send it to the nearest museum of modern art.

Would you mind sharing your experiences on how to join the game industry and start making games?                                                                                                                                                                  I came into the video game industry through a small door. I started as a music composer. There were no schools dedicated to this industry in my time and it was barely the beginning of the internet. But today, my state of mind hasn’t changed. If you want to make games, make games. Alone or in a team. There are a ton of tools and tutorials available today. Practice, fail, start over. In general, I also like to answer this kind of question by: “Do things with your heart rather than with your head.”

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