Ask the devs #2 – Mr Glitch is Game and GiGi’s “child”

Ask the devs Draw Me A Pixel

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This is the second article of the “Ask the devs” series. In these articles, we will broadcast the questions asked to the Draw Me A Pixel team on the official Discord server, as well as the answers. Most of the answers are from Pascal Cammisotto, the “Creator”.

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In one of the fun facts posted on Twitter, it was shown there was a scrapped section titled “Angry Flappy Ninja Squirrel 4”, a clip of which I can only assume was a section that was featured in the Kickstarter teaser. Was there a reason for cutting this section from the game and replacing it with Legend Of The Secret? And did you repurpose anything from that section for use elsewhere in the final game like an asset, a puzzle solution, or even a joke?                                                                        What we see in the kickstarter video was a draft of the Free2Play theme. But in the end, I didn’t keep anything of this little proto and used the Free2Play for the Zelda game. It was more fun to have a contrast between “before” and “after” the business model change.
Was it very difficult to translate the subtitles into other languages?                                                      The translation of the non-game was laborious. The meta side and the humor generated a lot of errors and misunderstanding from some translators. We even had to completely redo the Chinese translation as well as the Russian translation with the help of people from the community. (Thanks to them <3) So yes, it was difficult.
I have a weird question, if game and GiGi had kids, what they are going to look like and what they are going to be called?                                                                                                                                They already have a “child”. His name is Mr Glitch. (But he’s born not from union but from separation).
You and your team have created other games besides There is no game: Jam Edition and There is no Game: Wrong Dimension?                                                                                                                      Draw Me A Pixel was created in 2017 for the production of There Is NO Game: Wrong Dimension. But some of us have between 15 and 20 years of XP in video games. So yes, we’ve worked on other games, in various studios, but nothing as personal as There Is No Game.
What was the hardest part to do in There is no game?                                                                                I think it was the recording of my voice. I recorded all the dialogue of Game and Glitch three times. And I’m still not completely satisfied with my performance. Chapter 5 was also the most complicated chapter to do.
Will there be a sequel to there is no game wrong dimension?                                                                    For the moment, no, there will be no sequel to the non-game. We need to have a very good idea that surprises but also something interesting to tell. I have something in mind but it still deserves a few more centuries of thinking. (and Avatar’s budget)

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