Patch Notes – 9th February, 2021

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension Patch Notes

Here are the latest patch notes, the first ones of 2021 and completely useless.

There is no improvement:

  • The pointer now scales proportionally to other elements in the scene for more consistency and better accessibility.
  • The save has been optimized and the loading timings changed to avoid some potential bugs.

There is no bug fix:

  • Mouse pointer: We fixed a bad visual state occurring during a frame when clicking on an interactive element of the GUI.
  • Chapter 4: We fixed a softlock in the room with the bridge if it is raised and lowered very quickly when the hero is thrown into the air.
  • Chapter 4: We fixed a wrong scale of texts on items that can be purchased multiple times.
  • Chapter 6: We fixed a black screen bug that could occur on the last video.
  • Chapter 6: We fixed the transfer window which once the loading is complete appeared inverted.
  • The mouse pointer had its visual that did not correspond to its real position on screen ratios other than 16/9, in Fullscreen mode.

That’s all for those patch notes. Access the previous ones on our Steam page here. For any additional question, do no hesitate to contact us.

Have no fun.

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