TING: WD is nominated in the 2021 IGF!

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension IGF Independent Games Festival

We’re so thrilled to announce that There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension is nominated for Excellence in Design in the 2021 IGF (Independent Games Festival)!

The Independent Games Festival is an annual event that recognizes innovative video games produced by independent game developers. It is inspired by the Sundance Film Festival and has been held during the Game Developers Conference since 1999!

Discover all the nominees on the IGF official website.

We also won the Pro category of the Game Development World Championship with There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension!

The Game Development World Championship is “an annual competition for Game developers, game development students, game development hobbyists, and anyone interested in game development to join in”. You can learn more about it by visiting its official website.

Thank you all so much for your constant support and feedback! We are so happy that you all enjoy the ga… hum, non-game!

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