Ask the devs #3 – Projects in the making

Ask the devs Draw Me A Pixel

Hello users.

This is the third article of the “Ask the devs” series. In these articles, we will broadcast the questions asked to the Draw Me A Pixel team on the official Discord server, as well as the answers. Most of the answers are from Pascal Cammisotto, the “Creator”.

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During the making of chapter 3, do you guys got inspired from any fantasy RPG in particular? Mainly Zelda a link to the past from the super nintendo.

Will you be able to fix the Turkish bug?                                                                                                       We will never be able to fix the Turkish bug. It’s related to a strange conflict between the Turkish windows clock system and Unity3D engine. We really don’t know what to do about that. This is the ONLY country in the world that has this weird issue. Sorry! :/

In the files of the non game (chapter 2), I found an unused asset for a feather. It looks like it would be with the other assets like the eye but I would like to know what the puzzle was for it and why was it removed?                                                                                                                                         I see it’s snooping in the files! It’ll teach us not to clean up enough. This feather was initially in the place of the magnifying glass. But it was at an early stage of the chapter and the riddles were not yet written. So it’s a videogame vestige that didn’t survive the creative process.

So, do you guys have any plans to make any games in the future?                                                    Yes, we will to try our best to make a real game! To answer your question, we are actually working on a new concept. So it’s really early, but it’s not a sequel. I don’t know when it will be released. Perhaps next year.

Can you release the demo of CoinOp again if it’s still there in your files?                                        Here is the link to play in web mode: (controller recommended!)                        By the way, this web version normally works very well on Chrome. But I don’t know how it works with other browsers. This is a web version that may not work depending on the configs.

In There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension, why did the antagonist Goat change to Mr. Glitch?
Well, I didn’t want to keep the goat as the main character, because originally it was just a joke from the jam game about Goat Simulator. Mr. Glitch made it possible to have a more interesting story about Game.

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