Meet the team #3: Géraud, Art Director

Meet the team Géraud Soulie Art Director Draw Me A Pixel
Here is the third article of our “Meet the team series”! Let’s not meet Géraud Soulié, our new Art Director. Have a good read! 

Who are you and what is your professional background?

Hello, my name is Géraud Soulié, I’m a concept artist and I’ve been working in the video games industry for 10 years now. I have obviously a passion for art and drawing. Indeed, I started drawing at a very young age. I also like martial arts, history, civilizations and mythological stories.

Following a scientific baccalaureate, I started a computer graphics degree in Bordeaux. As I had no interest in visual communication and webdesign, I preferred to take a year off so I could concentrate on the fundamentals of drawing. I applied to ENJMIN for a Master’s degree and thanks to that I managed to find an internship in a video game studio. I stumbled into the world of video games by chance and I had the opportunity to enter it.

After some time, I managed to integrate the team of Swing Swing Submarine and as a 2D lead artist I participated in the development of Seasons After Fall! Then as a freelance concept artist I worked for many projects from Activision/Blizzard to Ubisoft, Supercell or Toys for Bob. Recently, I joined the Draw Me A Pixel team as the Art Director.

What is your job and can you describe your role within the team?

As an Art Director, I’m in charge of establishing a visual identity for the projects, how and why the created universe is coherent. At the moment, I’m working on the next Draw Me A Pixel project. Believe me, I’m having a lot of fun making this project great! This job also involves finding and managing the team that will achieve the artistic direction established before the production starts. I also have to make visuals for marketing for existing games or others. I’m in charge of everything visual!

What is your favorite moment in the game and why?

When the team of Draw Me A Pixel contacted me to ask me to join them, they offered me to try There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension. My first reaction was to ask myself why I hadn’t played it before… The first two chapters are my favorites!

Finally, what are your favorite video games?

I really liked Dark Project 2, Dark messiah Might and Magic, Age of Empire 2, Warcraft 2&3, Hellblade, Hades, Half Life, Resident Evil 1, Disco Elysium, Team Fortress 2, Zelda WindWaker, Dead Space, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, Outer Wilds and so many others!

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